Entry: how i keep fit Feb 8, 2009

There's really no secret as to how I keep fit. Being at the prime age of 45, I believe the answer is "exercise" - the only solution to keeping healthy- looking young and staying fit. For me, exercise is a fine medicine that's at no cost.

Many times, people ask: Eleanora, how come you are not heavy? Well, I answer: You don't have to be heavy to be a good cook. In addition to cooking, I have a great love for exercise. I work out aerobically at home in my spare tune 3 to 4 times a week so I can stay healthy and physically fit to enjoy these beautiful meals. Here are some of the great benefits from exercise, you feel better, it lowers your cholesterol, blood pressure, you gain more energy, you feel less stressed, your appetite is healthier, you look younger, feel younger and your clothes fit better. And with all these added benefits, you build more confidence about yourself making you feel at your very best

Consider exercising part of grooming. Your body needs treatment also like your hair and your teeth. Your body needs to be physically regenerated so you can feel alive. Your body is just as important and maybe more so that the exterior, like hair. But yet we will spend hours just fixing our hair and find it a burden to exercise our bodies we were born with.

The key to making it work for you is find an exercise that you enjoy doing, whether it be running, biking, fast walking or light jogging; aerobic, dancing, swimming, etc. When you know what you really like, do it 3 to 4 times a week and you will not find it to be a "chore but something you want to look forward to and see what a big difference it makes. As for me, I love to exercise to my favorite music and work out vigorously with a high intensity aerobic work-out for 1 hour /3 to 4 times a week.

I truly believe in exercise and have practiced that belief for 16 years. I met my husband in a Gym and we either joined gyms or continued our work out routines at home. Physically and spiritually, for me "Exercise is my fountain of youth - a true life expansion.


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